Care and well-being of pets and their habitat

These live microorganisms, applied to any surface, activate a completely natural process that decomposes and metabolizes dirt, preventing contamination by new bacteria

Many of us have heard of probiotics for their ability to restore bacterial flora and strengthen our body’s immune defenses. Less known, but equally effective, is their use to sanitize environments and for the well-being of pets.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when applied to any surface, activate a completely natural process that decomposes and metabolizes dirt, preventing contamination by new bacteria. In this way, a healthy and protective microbiota is created on the surfaces which delay the formation of bad odors and germs, for a long time and without chemical agents.

Mast Probio has identified solutions enriched with beneficial microorganisms specifically designed to take care of pets. Traditional detergents contain chemical substances – harmful to the environment and living beings – capable of removing the bacterial load, but with limited temporal effectiveness, given that it starts to proliferate shortly after. On the other hand, Mast Probio probiotic products (natural, biodegradable, and vegan) remove the bacterial load and keep it low for longer. Moreover, these are non-toxic and hypoallergenic solutions, which do not involve risks for the animal that licks itself after application.

Through application (no rinsing required) or nebulization, probiotic detergents can be used on the whole body of the animal (from the eyes to the tail) and in the living environment (kennels, bedding, carpets, games and so on), without any type of risk. As soon as they are applied, probiotics analyze the surface to understand what type of contamination is present, and produce effective enzymes to decompose it, thus also eliminating bad odors directly at the source. Probiotics metabolize organic substances and reproduce, colonizing all space and isolating pathogenic bacteria, which are no longer able to proliferate and die.

The product line ranges from pet shampoo, for lasting cleaning of the coat, to dental cleaner that optimizes the microbial balance and improves oral hygiene. The latter can be sprayed directly on the teeth: it reduces the risk of gum inflammation and eliminates the molecules that favor tartar deposits. Other products then aim to prevent infections in case of wounds, with a balance of the local microflora by integrating healthy bacteria, to nourish the hair through a spray rich in fatty acids and to cleanse the ears, removing organic material from the ear canal.

Different products for different purposes, with the common trait of guaranteeing maximum hygiene and well-being with the least environmental impact.

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