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It is one of the four “ Asian tigers ” and is the most economically thriving soul of this East Asian peninsula. Before a line separated it from its “different twin,” it was home to the indigenous Koryo dynasty. Hence, the name Korea.

We are below the 38th parallel. Welcome to South Korea (not to be confused with dictator Kim Jong-un’s North Korea).

This land is surprising for its economic growth, but also for its modern architecture which coexists with the remains of the oldest dynasties.

It also boasts the third-best airport in the world (according to Skytrax) which is completely high-tech and eco-friendly. It is the port of call of Incheon, a sort of eternal city that embraces all eras, from the Neolithic to the skyscrapers of the future.

Tourism to South Korea exploded in 2017, with 13 million arrivals. Air traffic from Italy to Seoul or Incheon has intensified. Italians go crazy for this country also recommended by Lonely Planet. And there are at least 6 reasons to go to South Korea to spend the holidays. Here they are.

The 6 reasons to Trip to South Korea

The imperial palaces

Not just in Seoul. South Korea preserves a lot of history, kept in majestic palaces and ancient temples, where it is also possible to eat or sleep among the monks.

Korean cuisine

We had a taste of it in Italy, where Korean restaurants are increasingly widespread and appreciated.

Eating directly in Korea is a unique experience, like a journey to the table among dishes in soybean broth, spicy cabbage paste (the famous kimchi), whole squid, and much more.

Organization and reception

South Korea transmits peace, security, and freedom. It is a land in some respects very different from our world, very Eastern, but Western in its way of being free and welcoming. Above all, well organized as Koreans are.


Seoul is a must-see. A city that has appeared in the world since the 1988 Olympics and that we got to know in Italy in those years just when the legendary cartoon was being aired on the commercial networks

“ Mila and Shiro – Two hearts in volleyball ”, with the protagonists preparing for the Olympic Games.

The Myeongdong district is the shopping and entertainment heart of a capital that never sleeps.

Bathing in Jeju

Beaches covered with very fine sand surround the island of Jeju, in the extreme south of the country.

Here it is possible to find relaxation and tranquility or to escape from the frenzy and dynamism of the rest of Korea.


South Korea is full of national parks , mountains, caves, and natural attractions.

On platforms such as Tripadvisor, many tourists share photos, advice, and experiences on how to organize excursions and discover pristine worlds, well protected from the chaotic metropolises of the country. Furthermore, the climate is mainly mild, therefore not subject to strong temperature variations.

Some curiosities about South Korea

In some ways, South Korea has customs and traditions that are far from ours. Some curiosities will make you smile:

  • In South Korea, we are all older than a year (the first year is counted from the birth of the child).
  • The first question a Korean is likely to ask a foreign tourist will be about age.
  • Shoes are not used in the house (flip-flops or slippers are worn for guests).
  • The floors in Korean homes are almost always heated by systems installed underfoot.
  • Never blow your nose in public.
  • The subway line is super efficient and enlivened by music at each arrival or departure station.

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