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who take care of the neediest and most abandoned cats

neediest and most abandoned cats

The initiative celebrates the commitment of the many volunteers who take care of the neediest and most abandoned cats in our country every day

They are elegant, agile, vain, and fluffy. With an aristocratic bearing, sometimes a little snobbish, they seduce by their lazy and stay-at-home nature but also by being adorable and playful, ready to surprise us by jumping out of the most improbable nooks and crannies of the house. And then, although many think differently, they know how to be affectionate like few others, sweet and cuddly. It is not for nothing that they are the ideal life companions favored by adults and children. Few resist the charm of cats. Once welcomed into the house, the cat becomes to all intents and purposes a member of the family that we gladly take care of, also in relation to its nutrition and well-being.

In short, we would always like it with us. In theory. Because in practice, despite the International Day that celebrates it in the world, around the street, and in shelters, there are often many, too many, domestic cats abandoned by their human masters, or who have simply escaped or who are lost. The National Cattery Day is aimed at them, which is celebrated for the first time in Italy on 6 September. It is dedicated to Italian shelters and to the numerous volunteers who take care of the neediest animals every day. Established by Ultima Petfood – an expert brand of food for dogs and cats – with the sponsorship of ENPA, the National Body for the Protection of Animals, the Day in fact aims to make everyone aware of the importance of not abandoning cats and adopting them to give them a home and a family (only in 2021, 

Because our four-legged friends make our lives better. The concept “Together for a better life” is in fact at the heart of all Ultima Petfood’s activities, starting from the desire to do good to our beloved cats by creating recipes specifically formulated for their needs, complete and balanced. And sensitizing pet parents to commit themselves to guarantee serenity, especially to abandoned cats, by acting concretely also through adoption. But adopting domestic felines also requires awareness. For this reason, with the support of Enpa, starting right from the establishment of National Cat Day, Ultima has launched an education project aimed at future pet parents and dedicated to all the issues inherent in life together with our four-legged friends.

Indeed, as the brand’s experts and veterinary doctors teach, when adopting a cat it is important to be informed about everything it will need so that it can live as long, peaceful, and healthy a life as possible: nutrition, physical activity, and overall well-being. general. A correct and balanced diet for our cats is in fact one of the fundamental aspects to contribute to the formation and maintenance of good intestinal bacterial flora and consequently to good and stable immunity. The initiative is also supported by concrete gestures. Over the last few years, Ultima has donated over 200,000 meals to ENPA, half of which this year alone. 

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