(Beauteous, Intelligence, Youthful, Impartial)

Stray the cat is the video game of the summer. A plot so crazy as to be brilliant


If your friends’ feed has filled up with cats watching a video game starring a cat, Stray is to blame, the number one candidate to become the reference title of summer 2022. In just a few weeks, this adventure video game has managed to put together a simple and light plot, the dark tones of a post-apocalyptic world populated by robots, and the tenderness of a cat. Many aspects are only apparently polar opposites and put together precisely from the point of view of the four-legged feline grappling with the exploration of this different-than-usual open world.

The real point marked by the developers of Blue Twelve Studio is precisely in the immediacy of the video game: a stray cat ( stray, in fact, in English) who lives in a colony near an abandoned building falls into an abyss during an excursion and finds himself lost inside a gigantic underground city populated by automatons of all kinds. You control the cat in the third person trying to escape from the robot enemies helped by the B-12 drone that is trying to rebuild its damaged memory: a cyberpunk setting with movements and voice acting so realistic that it fools even the “real” cats who they remain mesmerized in front of the screen to follow in the footsteps of the ginger cat. Enough5 hours of gameplay to finish it thanks to simple tests within a plot that does not hide twists and cutting-edge futuristic locations.

Part fairy tale, part science fiction story with an all-around simulation of the life of a cat at the center: it meows, rolls over, plays and makes pasta when it needs cuddles. In short, Stray demonstrates that millionaire investments are not needed to make a successful video game. And, moreover, it confirms our extreme need for lightness in a delicate historical moment between the pandemic, the risk of the world war, and the current economic and political crisis. You can play Stray on PC or on PlayStation 4 and PS5, but if you have an extra or premium Plus subscription it’s free.

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