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Pets at home, how to keep the rooms clean

Pets at home

Pets are undoubtedly loyal companions, but keeping your home clean with four-legged friends can be a daunting task. But don’t worry: it’s not that difficult. Here are some tips that will make your life easier and teach you how to clean the house with pets.

Home cleaning with pets: where to start?

First of all, it is essential to have a home designed for our large dogs. Starting with the furnishings. When you have pets at home, you often have to deal with hair everywhere, on the sofa, on the cushions, and on the carpets. Therefore, when choosing furniture, one must take into account how the cleaning will be done. One trick is to buy protective covers for sofas and cushions, practical to remove and put in the washing machine. 

House cleaning vs hair

There are good vacuum cleaners on the market that are suitable for pet hair. These appliances have specific filters and special brushes that capture all the hair and are generally quieter. Buying one of these appliances is a good investment that can make cleaning your home easier.

Having a mop always at hand can also be useful, as it helps to avoid accumulating those tufts of hair that are sometimes a bit annoying.

Ventilate the rooms

To avoid bad smells it is essential to ventilate the rooms, regardless of the presence or absence of pets. It is advisable to open the windows every day, obviously if the weather permits, for 15 minutes in order to renew the air, avoiding dust and bad smells and thus keeping the house clean. Air fresheners, scented candles, and incense can also be good options. 

You can also make a homemade spray that you can spray on curtains, sofas, and carpets that will help lessen odors. All you need are two cups of water, a teaspoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and some essential oil. And voila, here’s an affordable homemade air freshener.

Take care of your pets to have a clean house

Taking care of your big dogs can help keep your home clean. Regularly wash your pets’ belongings such as blankets, toys, and food bowls. The hair should then be brushed daily to prevent it from spreading in the house. Finally, to keep the house clean it is useful to clean the paws of the animals every time they enter from the street.

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