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How to choose the perfect electric bike for your lifestyle

How to choose the perfect electric bike for your lifestyle

In fact, e-bikes have conquered not only Italians but also all European citizens who have begun to prefer them over cars, motorcycles, and scooters for daily travel.

E-bikes have become a very popular form of alternative mobility, together with scooters, also for frequent users of public transport, given that in times of pandemic they allow you to avoid the risks of being close to others on buses, trams, and subways.

Electric bike: all the advantages to buying it

Pedal-assisted bikes are a practical means that allows you to go faster with less effort than the classic bicycle. They are therefore perfect above all for commuting from home to work and for moving easily around the city, avoiding getting stuck in traffic.

Compared to a motorbike, a moped, or a scooter, they do not pay road tax or insurance and there is no need for a driving license to drive them.

The last tranche of state incentives of the Mobility Bonus (up to 500 euro reimbursement for those who bought one) closed on February 15th, but given the success, it seems probable that the facilitation will also be repeated in 2021. It is important, at the time of purchase, to keep the purchase invoice in order to subsequently present any refund request.

How to choose the electric bike that best suits your needs

There are e-bikes for all tastes, all needs, and for all budgets. Basically, they are divided into three categories:

City bikes: these are bikes suitable for city use. Equipped with lights, mudguards, and a luggage rack, they offer a relaxed posture and can have a standard or low barrel. The latter is more comfortable, especially for ladies who do not want to give up wearing a skirt even when pedaling.

Mountain bikes: for the more adventurous spirits, they are suitable for lovers of off-road and mountain or countryside excursions. The fact remains that they can also be used in the city, perhaps by mounting a mudguard and luggage rack.

Foldable: these are compact city bikes which, thanks to the central hinge (like on the classic “Graziella”) or other systems, can be folded and easily stored in the trunk of the car, for example. Ideal for commuters or those who live in a small apartments.

Fat bikes: they have very large tires, designed to “float” on sand or mud. They usually have a mountain bike frame, but those that combine “oversized” tires with a folding bike frame are also very popular.

Where to buy the best e-bikes

On eBay. it you can find the pedal-assisted bicycle you want. The assortment is very broad and includes the categories we mentioned above: ranging from city bikes, for both men and women, to MTBs, passing through fat bikes with both mountain bikes and folding frames.

Prices for most of the models on the market can range from around 700 to 1,500 euros, but you can go even further depending on the brand, the frame construction material (steel or aluminum, the most common ones), and the battery capacity. which usually starts at 300 Wh. A higher-capacity battery will naturally offer a longer range. The engines, on the other hand, all have a maximum power of 250 W imposed by the Highway Code.

In addition to the features already mentioned, you can find the model that best suits your needs using the search filters in the e-bike section on eBay. it. You can select offers based on frame and wheel size, type of suspension or brakes, number of gears, and even color. All that remains is to choose your next e-bike.

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