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Home training with these 6 smart tools is child’s play

Home training with these 6 smart tools is child's play

Home training is no longer just an alternative forced by the restrictions on sports. Even now, with the return to the gym, many are looking for alternative experiences to combine with their routine. From home, on vacation, to the park, and whenever an unexpected event blows up the scheduled session. 

In support of the home routine, there are many apps for home fitness, a thriving market, so much so that even Apple has decided to enter the game with Fitness+ with workouts and meditation, and videos from professional trainers and Technogym has also made its app available to train anywhere, with equipment or bodyweight, thanks to a digital personal trainer and a library of exercises. 

But home training seems to have taken off thanks to a series of smart and hi-tech solutions that allow you to concentrate everything you need to keep fit in functional, efficient, and often small-sized tools. From classic hi-tech bikes connected to multifunctional fitness stations to fit harmoniously into the home space. Advanced treadmills, rowing machines, digital dumbbells, smart ropes with jump counter and calories burned indication, connected to your smartphone, and many other little things that help you make your workout more fun. 

If you want to take a look at the most advanced smart fitness devices, you should take a tour of the Webidoo Store in Milan Porta Nuova, which is inaugurating a new model rent-to-buy, which ranges from sport to gaming, from health to micro-mobility. Seen and touched in the store, you can decide whether to rent them for a maximum period of fifteen days or buy them online on the webinar. store platform. Or both, since the rental cost is deducted from the sale price. Thus, experiencing the most engaging and immersive training solutions becomes easier thanks to these 6 devices that combine VR, on-demand lessons, and exergames. 

Icaros Cloud 

Designed for people of all ages and different skill levels, Icaros Cloud is an inflatable platform, light and easy to store, to train the whole body, and improve coordination and balance. Thanks to a series of exercises on the dedicated app, it is possible to train by immersing yourself in virtual worlds or by participating in challenges and stimulating games. The sessions can be viewed comfortably from a smartphone or tablet, inserting them into the appropriate support, or with VR viewers. 

Icaros R 

This piece of equipment combines fitness and virtual reality in the best possible way. It allows users to fly or dive through virtual worlds while improving their fitness. In fact, during the flight, different muscle groups are strengthened with particular attention to the upper body and core muscles, as well as reflexes, balance and coordination.

Bobo Home 

Bobo home is a smart board that, playing on balance, allows you to compete in virtual challenges and training programs from the dedicated app. Designed by a team of physiotherapists to motivate their patients with stimulating exergames, it allows you to perform different types of sessions, including those for rehabilitation purposes.


The Blazepod is a smart fitness device designed for trainers, professionals, and high-level athletes. It allows you to program workouts by adjusting a series of luminous visual stimuli on the pod’s thanks to the dedicated app. Helps stimulate agility, strength, concentration, and reaction speed. The Flash Reflex training system guarantees exciting and creative workouts and offers a real-time monitoring system to improve results.

Board30 Mini

Board30 mini is a portable gym, combined with the innovative training program of fitness instructor Floery Mahoney. Subscribers access a large online video library of lessons (the first two weeks are free) and, in just 60cm of space and 30 minutes or less, can get a full workout, including cardio.

Therabody Wave Roller 

It’s a vibrating, Bluetooth-enabled smart foam roller with five intensity settings, allowing you to conveniently customize both warm-up and recovery from within the app. Designed by Dr. Jason Wersland after a traumatic motorcycle accident, Theragun devices are based on percussive therapy to promote muscle treatment, even independently.

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